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  • Additional Uncapped Revenue
  • Increased In-office visit Revenue
  • Reduce Burden Of Managing
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Patient Education
  • Round The Clock Care

Passionate Care Management


Chronic Care Management (CCM) Program Overview

On January 1st, 2015 Medicare introduced a new Chronic Care Management (CCM) code to reimburse providers for providing care management services to Medicare beneficiaries that have two or more chronic conditions. Eligible professional (Physician, The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) weighs Chronic Care Management as a fundamental component for primary care. Physician Assistant, RN) can start taking benefits of the CCM Program by enrolling patients.

Medicare defines Chronic Care Management (CCM) as a non-face-to-face services provided to its beneficiaries with multiple (two or more) significant chronic conditions. In addition to office visits and other face-to-face encounters (billed separately), these services include communication with the patient and other treating health professionals for care coordination (both electronically and by phone), medication management, and being accessible to patients.

Why Passionate Care Management

According to Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) two third of Medicare beneficiaries have two or more chronic conditions. CMS spend approximately 90% of its budget on the wellbeing of these Medicare beneficiaries. According to analysts by 2030 the Medicare beneficiaries population with two or more chronic conditions will reach 81.5 Million – an increase of 21.1 comparing to 2016. What it means for CCM program participating physicians – the projected revenue stream of billions of dollars for next decade is available to claim for the work you do regardless just by formalizing the process of capturing the details.

Passionate Care Management (PCM) provides an end-to-end solution that enables practitioners to facilitate CCM required activities using PCM solution from patient registration to billing.

Passionate Care Management (PCM) value based turn-key solution for this non-face-to-face CMS program enables you to increase your monthly reimbursements without incurring any additional cost of hiring additional staff or investing in technology solutions. Our patient centric solution provides comprehensive care coordination that helps in managing patients’ health while increasing practice revenue.

Our team consists of seasoned RNs, and CMAs. They will form a bridge between you and the patients. This staff augmentation model lessens the burden on your staff from additional work, and frees them to concentrate on in-office visitors.

Our software was developed to capture minute-by-minute level of documentation that traditional EHR are not set-up to do. A key requirement of CCM program.

This program allows caregivers to generate additional revenue by documenting "what" they already "do.” Which means if a practice has 500 Medicare patients and 400 of them qualify for CCM, then the practice can generate an addition yearly revenue of $201,600.00.
Our staff will work with the practice manager to schedule additional in-office appointments for patients based on the patient’s health concerns - on average 20% to 25% CCM calls results increased in-office visits.
Let our staff handle some of the non-face-to-face interaction with your chronically ill Medicare patients, so, your staff can focus on in-office patients.
Satisfied patients are more likely to adhere to their care plans and continue to be treated by providers that are invested in improving their health.
We will share the program benefits with patients, inform them of program changes, and help in setting up health goals so they can take an active role and proactive approach to managing their overall health including diet, exercise and nutrition.
Patients participating in the CCM program have access to 24/7 care support provided by their enrolling physician.

Estimated Annual Revenue Calculator with PCM ( PCM Advantage)

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CCM Monthly Payments (US Average $43.66) or select your Locatlity
Estimated Monthly Gross Revenue for Family Medicine Physician
Estimated Annual Gross Revenue for Family Medicine Physician

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